Teaching Social Studies to Young Children Presentation

Create Engaging PowerPoint. Please include ALL of these in powerpoint.

– Describes what social studies is, including discussion of the different disciplinary content areas (self, history and events, geography, economics, citizenship) and social studies concepts that make up the early childhood curriculum

– Discusses the purpose and approach of teaching young children social studies (i.E. Why and how we should teach young children social studies)

Critically reflects upon your professional growth by reporting change in knowledge, skills, teaching practices and dispositions related to teaching social studies ( will provide you skills and knowledge i I build so that you can include in powerpoint)

Is clearly structured, grammatically accurate, well presented, and uses academic literature to support ideas, with APA formatting

Please ensure that you include a ‘References’ slide at the end. For example, I would expect to see full references to the Indiana Early Learning Foundations, and/or the Indiana Academic Standards for Social Studies (remember the author for these documents is the Indiana Department of Education), as well as the National Council for Social Studies. Use APA for citations and references.

Please only use the source I provided. Do NOT use outside resource.