Target Corporation Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Paper

  • Develop an integrated marketing communications plan for your product/service. In APA 6th ed style.
  • Develop a 2 – 3 page (this is part of the 10 to 15 pages) media plan for this section that examines the identification of the target market, clearly states the communication message and how you will relate the message through your selection of specific modes of communication. Your media plan will look at four of the major modes of communication elements, such as advertising (traditional or new media), sales promotion, personal selling if applicable, public relations, direct marketing and/or you may use trade shows, outdoor signage if a strong fit in an IMC program. You are to develop a promotion mix budget and describe how you will secure the funds and allocate to the marketing communication activities. The final paper should include the executive
  • Summary to present the plan.
  • Must use peer reviewed references that matches with citations minimum of eight