Suffolk Business Opportunities for International Forest Products Report

8 pages ,base the ppt

Deliverable: Final Business Report

Objective: To provide the client with the details of the analysis and presentation in formal business report format.

Format: format business report format. Spelling and grammar count. Write in prose with bullets and charts to organize the data easily. Use charts from your presentation. Support all your points with your research. Avoid using superlatives like “great” or “large” or “growing.” Instead use specifics like numbers or expert opinions to support your point. Include

  • All points from your presentation. The report needs to be comprehensive of all information from the presentation
  • Additional information that you did not use in your presentation can be included as an appendix
  • Sources that were referenced
  • Headers to outline the different sections
  • Clear and smooth transitions between paragraphs
  • Concisely and professionally written