Successful Evaluation and Control Process Paper


  1. Use your favorite Internet search engine and find an example of a successful evaluation and control process in an R&D firm. What attributes are described as contributing to the success of the evaluation and control process? What factors impact the choices the organization makes in designing its evaluation process? What factors help it to be successful? What do you think about the long-term viability of the process the firm uses?
  2. Find a site that discusses the Balanced Scorecard approach to evaluation and control. This method is considered a relatively new technology or approach to evaluating organizational performance. In addition, some control processes are embedded in it. What do you think of the measurements suggested, the process itself, and the potential outcomes? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Balanced Scorecard method?
  3. Find an article or website that provides guidelines for the evaluation and control of an innovative strategy. What do you think of the advice given?
  4. If you are part of an organization that has an innovative strategy, what are the key inputs from the environment that you need to implement the strategy? What steps will you take to be sure the inputs exceed minimum acceptable levels? What will you do to ensure your output to the environment is acceptable? How are these two periods of evaluation and control the same and how are they different?