Statement Describtion Inferential Statistics Or Descriptive Statistics

Homework Identify whether the statement describes inferential statistics or descriptive statistics.

1) The chances of winning the California Lottery are one chance in twenty-two million. A) Inferential statistics B) Descriptive statistics Determine whether the data are qualitative or quantitative.

2) The colors of automobiles on a used car lot A) quantitative B) qualitative

For questions 3-8, choose from one of the following 4 answers to identify the data setʹs level of measurement.: nominal ordinal interval ratio

3) Hair color of women on a high school tennis team 4) Temperatures of 12 selected refrigerators 5) Number of pages in your statistics book 6) The ratings of a movie ranging from ʺpoorʺ to ʺgoodʺ to ʺexcellentʺ 7) The final grades (A, B, C, D, and F) for students in a statistics class 8) The annual salaries for all teachers in California

For questions 9-13, choose from one of the following 4 answers to decide which method of data collection you would use to collect data for the study. experiment simulation survey observational study census

9) A study where a drug was given to 23 patients and a placebo to another group of 23 patients to determine if the drug has an effect on a patientʹs illness. 10) A study of the salaries of college professors in a particular state. 11) A study where a political pollster wishes to determine if his candidate is leading in the polls 12) A study where you would like to determine the chance getting three girls in a family of three children 13) A study to evaluate the success of a new experimental procedure performed on 35 patients at one hospital

For questions 14-20, choose from one of the following 4 answers to identify the sampling technique used. convenience random cluster systematic stratified 14) A community college student interviews everyone in a statistics class to determine the percentage of students that own a car. 15) Thirty-five sophomores, 50 juniors and 37 seniors are randomly selected from 538 sophomores, 448 juniors and 394 seniors at a certain high school. 16) In a recent television survey, participants were asked to answer ʺyesʺ or ʺnoʺ to the question ʺAre you in favor of the death penalty?ʺ Six thousand five hundred responded ʺyesʺ while 4100 responded ʺnoʺ. There was a fifty-cent charge for the call. 17) A lobbyist for a major airspace firm assigns a number to each legislator and then uses a computer to randomly generate ten numbers. The lobbyist contacts the legislators corresponding to these numbers. 18) To ensure customer satisfaction, every 20th phone call received by customer service will be monitored. 19) A market researcher randomly selects 200 drivers under 55 years of age and 200 drivers over 55 years of age. 20) To avoid working late, the quality control manager inspects the last 50 items produced that day. 21) Explain what bias there is in a study done entirely online. 22) A report sponsored by the California Citrus Commission stated that cholesterol levels can be lowered by drinking at least one glass of a citrus product each day. Determine if the report is biased