Special education Case Study Hannah

Review the following case scenario and complete the tasks that follow:

Student: Hannah

Age: 8

Grade: 3

Hannah is a third-grade student who transferred to Cartwright Elementary School late in the fall from a neighboring district. According to her records, Hannah has been in five different schools since kindergarten. Hannah is a very artistic and is easily distracted by her drawings. Her teacher, Mrs. Pei, has noticed that she seems to struggle with many independent reading assignments. When Mrs. Pei administered the mid-year universal screening measure, she was not surprised to see that Hannah’s score had fallen below the grade-level benchmark. Consequently, Mrs. Pei decided to monitor Hannah’s reading performance once a week for seven weeks using a measure of reading fluency. The rate of growth she is expected to achieve by the end of seven weeks is 1.2. Hannah’s scores are in the graph and table below.

Compose a 500-750-word evaluation of Hannah. Incorporate the following:

  1. Review journal articles on response-to-intervention (RTI) activities, including data-based decision-making, determining performance level, and making tier placement decisions.
  2. Using the seven weeks of progress monitoring data outlined above, calculate Hannah’s slope (change in x over the change in y) and identify the change in the number of words read correctly from beginning to end.
  3. Determine whether Hannah is responding adequately to Tier 1 instruction. Elaborate.
  4. Based on your evaluation, what tier of instruction would you recommend for Hannah?
  5. What do you recommend Hannah read, based on her interests and background?
  6. Cite a minimum of two scholarly sources.

Source: The IRIS Center for Training Enhancements, http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Other material that might help answer the assignment

Read “Differentiated Instruction: Making Informed Teacher Decisions,” by Watts-Taffe, Laster, Broach, Marinak, McDonald Connor, and Walker-Dalhouse, from Reading Teacher (2012).

Reading Strategies for Elementary Students With Learning Difficulties: Strategies for RTI (2nd Edition) William N. Bender, Martha J. Larkin

“Crossing Boundaries and Initiating Conversations about RTI: Understanding and Applying Differentiated Classroom Instruction” by Walker-Dalhouse et al., from Reading Teacher (2009).

Read pages 17-20 of “RTI: Data-Based Decision Making” from the Iris Center.