Sovereign Internet Dilemma in Russia Research Paper

Because the chief focus of this class is contemporary Russia, you are expected to keep abreast of current Russian news. During the first few days of the class, you need to pick a topic from the list of topics provided on Canvas that you will research independently in online sources listed in the Guidelines. You will then need to write a 5 – 7 page paper based on the research of the topic of your choice.

This project is your chance to offer your own expert opinion on news items as if you were a cultural anthropologist researching Russia. Please note: entries that summarize the news and add a comment, “That was interesting” will receive a significantly lower grade than a well-thought out and articulated submission. I am not looking for a 5-page description of an event or a particular issue. A higher grade will be given to a paper that places a specific issue within broader contexts of Russian culture and society that you learned in this class or that you researched independently on your own. In other words, a successful paper will not only show that you have conducted a detailed research of the specific issue from the list below, but will also demonstrate a solid mastery of a range of issues from various parts of this course. Your paper must cite and incorporate at least 3 sources as indicated in the Final project guidelines.

Make sure to include a reference to or citation of the specific materials you used in each entry by providing a link to the sources used (you are also welcome to cite the complete publication information [author, title, year]).