SOCW6333 Walden Week 10 Advocating for Self Care Discussion

Due 4/28/2019

In relation to vicarious trauma, as a helping professional, one of your roles is to advocate for self-care for the treatment and prevention of vicarious trauma for helping professionals and future supervisees. You will communicate to your supervisees the significance of advocating for self-care, as well as provide education and clarity about how to participate in advocacy activities.

For this Discussion, consider the importance of advocating for self-care and ways that professional education programs can meet your professional standards and code of ethics.

Post a brief explanation of the importance of advocating for self-care for helping professionals in professional programs. Then, propose how professional education programs can meet your professional standards related to advocacy. Finally, include an explanation of how your proposal might affect positive social change for your profession. Support your response with the resources and current literature, making sure to reference your professional code of ethics.


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