Social Constructionism Defiant Behavior Theoretical Paradigm Assignment

1.Chooseonetopic related to deviant behavior (this can be anything from drug use to

having a disability)

Include at least TWO scholarly articles concerning your topic of choice

2.Choose one major theoretical paradigm

. Examples are below (you are not limited to these theories)

Grand theory examples: Social constructionism, functionalism, feminist


Specific theory examples: Differential association, social control, strain

theory, rational choice theory, labeling theory

3.Use your theory to explain your topic

Example: What would a social construction have to say about drug use?


Make sure to tell me about both your topic and your theory! A little summary

information is necessary

Cite all sources

—even sociology textbooks if you are using them for basic

theory information.

Make sociologists use certain theories in their research, you can search for

this type of scholarly article to make your life a little easier.

Helpful resource!