SNHU 6-2 Blog: Racial Profiling and Ethics Assignment

For this activity, select one of the reports listed on the Minnesota Statewide Racial Profiling Study (in the Reading and Resources folder for this module).

Review your selected report and summarize the reading in one to two paragraphs.

Provide the link to the report you selected and answer the following questions:

  • What are the ethical issues related to racial profiling?
  • What are the legal issues?
  • What laws or codes does your state have concerning racial profiling?
  • How would you improve these laws or codes?

To complete this assignment, review the Blog Guidelines and Rubric document.

PDF: Improving American Police Ethics Training: Focusing on Social Contract Theory and Constitutional Principles
This article discusses the historical basis of ethics training for police officers in the United States and examines opportunities for improvement in this training, with a renewed focus on codes, standards, and personal ethics and values.

Website: The Minnesota Statewide Racial Profiling Study
This website discusses the results of a racial profiling study conducted of 65 law enforcement departments in Minnesota.