Selection Training and Evaluation of Sales Representatives for Apples iPhone X

assignment must include a title page that has the name of the project topic and the specific questions being addressed, be 2–4 full pages (12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced), and include a separate references page. All content must show direct application to the topic and exclude definitions of terms and general explanations of generic marketing topics. Quotes must be minimized and long quotes (40 words or more) avoided. Outside sources to be cited include scholarly marketing journals, practitioner publications, and the course textbook.

  1. Avoid long paragraphs. Any paragraph more than half of a page long is too long. Likewise, any paragraph less than five lines is too short.
  1. Do not use first or second person. I, my, us, you, and yours are words that should not appear in your document. Use third person, using words like people, consumers, management, men, women, and buyers.
  1. You must have a heading for each separate topic you address. Have them in the body of the text, to distinguish one topic you are addressing from another. Lack of headings throughout the document has been a major reason for point loss in past sessions.
  1. Do not include general marketing theories or definitions. Get right to the application of assigned terms and concepts to your product. I know these theories and what these terms mean; I do not need to read them again.
  1. Mention product and brand early and often!
  1. Write in a conversational tone, not in technical language. Avoid using lists to replace paragraph-style writing. Mere lists look insufficient and quickly thrown together.
  1. Play the role of marketing manager. You are not a third-party bystander. This is your product to sell. Do not just tell me what the company is doing now, be creative in saying what they should do and justify your reason. Apply the textbook material.
  1. Do not ask questions in paper. These sound like they are copied, even though they may not be.