Salvery system

1) Describe the systems of slavery that has existed in Africa since Ancient times and how is the slavery system used by Africans and Arabs different from the New World slave systems developed under the Spanish, Dutch, French, and English ?

2) Slave revolts: Analyze slave rebellions and revolts that occurred before 1800, and share with the class the history of at least one slave revolt.

3) Why did the African leaders participate, along with Europeans, in the enslavement of other Africans in the Atlantic slave trade? What factors played a role in their decisions to participate?

4) Why and how did African American slavery arise in the Chesapeake region in the 1600s. How did this experience of enslavement differ from that of the Carolinas and the northern colonies? How did slavery differ in the Spanish borderlands and French Louisiana?

5) Everyone answer: What did you find new or surprising in your learning this week?

Last part: At the end of your post please comment in one paragraph on what you have learned that was new, surprising, and interesting. .


Here are some great books

Anatomy of a Slave Insurrection: The Shipwreck of the Vautour on the West Coast of Madagascar in 1725

by Arne Bialuschewski

If We Must Die : Shipboard Insurrections in the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade

by Taylor, Eric Robert

Slave Revolts And Insurrections by Bennett, Leron

NewYork Slave Insurrection (1741)by Corfield, Justin

Why didn’t slaves revolt more often during the Middle Passage?by Marcum, Andrew; Skarbek, David