Safety Class Employees and Employers Safety Ergonomics Questions

1. Incident investigation process – what is it?

2. Ergonomics – what is the definition?

3. What is the most reliable approach to reducing ergonomic risk?

4. What does it mean to Poka-Yoke a process?

5. Who is ultimately responsible for safety per OSHA?

6. What is section 5(a)(1) of the Act and why is it important?

7. What three forms does OSHA expect employers to keep for injury and illness reporting?

8. Be able to list the two part rule that establishes work relationship in the world of worker’s compensation (arising out of and in the course of employment, has to do with time, place, and circumstances of the injury.

-Process Safety Management (PSM) is a rule that refers to managing risks associated with the production of chemicals and materials. Please review the slides and know when an employer is required to follow PSM. This is when the employer processes chemicals on the reportable quantities list and what?

-What is the Exclusive Remedy Rule in Workers’ Compensation Law?

-Where are specific injury recording rules located (where on

-What style of journalist was Upton Sinclair?