Role Of Emergency Management In The Community?Presentation


The ability to develop a presentation with presenter’s notes is a valued job skill, and creating presentations is a typical task of an emergency manager. The presenter’s notes provide the context for the bullet points, phrases, or visuals for each slide, supporting the presenter so he or she can feel confident during a presentation. Links for creating effective presentations, creating presenter’s notes, and an example of a slide with presenter’s notes are included in Resources.


For this assignment, you will develop a presentation with presenter’s notes using the software of your choice. Assume the role in the following scenario:

You are a new emergency manager in your jurisdiction. You have been tasked with developing a presentation to inform a group of local elected officials with limited knowledge of emergency management about the role of emergency management in the community.

The presentation is intended to inform the elected officials on the role of emergency manager; describe the phases of the emergency management cycle: preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation; and summarize the components of an emergency operation plan (base plan, emergency support functions, and hazard-specific plans).

  • Develop an 8–10 slide presentation including title and reference slides. Remember that you must use language that your audience can understand, and be sure to define or explain any terminology.
  • Each slide (with the exception of the title and reference slides) must have presenter’s notes that explain the bullets, graphic, or phrases on the slide. The notes should be written as if you were talking to the group.

Create one slide for each of the following scoring guide criteria. Use bullet points, phrases, or create a graphic to convey your points clearly.

  • Describe the overall structure of emergency management (state, local, and federal).
  • Explain the key elements of the emergency operations plan (EOP) base plan, emergency support functions, annexes, and hazard-specific plans.
  • Describe the preparedness phase of the emergency management cycle.
  • Describe the response phase of the emergency management cycle.
  • Describe the recovery phases of the emergency management cycle.
  • Describe the mitigation phase of the emergency management cycle.
  • Summarize the role and responsibilities of a local emergency manager.

Additional Requirements

  • Follow guidelines for creating effective presentations.
  • Include a minimum of 3 APA-formatted citations to support your statements.
  • Write clearly and logically, with correct use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Run spell-check and grammar-check before submitting this assignment.
  • Review the scoring guide for the assignment to ensure you meet all criteria.