Role in The Chapter of Harris of Honor Killing Discussion


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“Honor Killing”

What is the role in the chapter of Harris’ extended discussion of ‘honor killing’?

Sam Harris from The End of Belief – “A Science of Good and Evil”

Monotheism Vs Polytheism – For The Theoretically Minded

All of the religions in the Abrahamic tradition profess monotheism strongly. Indeed, monotheism is such a familiar and foundational aspect of that tradition that it is easy to forget how relatively recent and unusual it is. Even more important, it is hard for people to appreciate the very familiar. What is supposed to be so special about monotheism, anyway? Why would it matter, if it would, that there is one god, rather than two, or two million? (This is a question about “significance” and can’t be answered by saying “its significance is that it’s true.”)

Marx And Eastern Religions

Professor Pals expresses the suspicion that Marx”s account of religion might better be understood as an account of “the essence of Christianity.” You may recall that he reported a similar standard criticism of Freud to the effect that Freud’s theory of religion seems drawn from reflection on the religions of the West. To what extent might Marx’s account of religion be open to that same critique as Freud’s?

Daniel L. Pals: Eight Theories of Religion – “Religion as Alienation: Karl Marx”

Marx And Freud

Pals remarks that critics often claim that both Freudianism and Marxism resemble religions more than they resemble critiques of religion. This is the sort of thing you hear a lot. What leads people to say it?

Daniel L. Pals: Eight Theories of Religion – “Religion as Alienation: Karl Marx”

..To Change The World…”

Why have so many of Marx’ disciples thought that religion needed not just to be unmasked but also to be destroyed? Oh, and when religion is ‘unmasked”, what is supposed to be behind the mask?

Daniel L. Pals: Eight Theories of Religion – “Religion as Alienation: Karl Marx”