Richland Don Tomlin on Housing Policy Political Cultural Response Paper

I have provided the article which you are going to read and create a response for that article. The article is attached as a PDF file in the attachment section. The title of the article is ” The Evolution and Future of the Section 8 Program.” The guidelines for the political cultural response is given below.

For this assignment, you will create a response to an associated reading. Each response will associate this reading with a current event happening within the U.S. You will choose the current event to relate your reading to.

Response Guidelines: Each response will consist of the following:

-1.5 to 2 pages maximum

-In text citations (references) to the associated article

-1 current event discussion (must be an issue currently happening within local, state, or Federal government).

-Must address the questions provided by the professor on this instruction sheet.


Questions to consider (Please use these questions as headings to section within your response):

  • What is the central question of the reading?
  • How does the author answer this question (i.e. what research does he/she provide)?
  • What event currently happening government, applies to this subject of this article?
  • What lesson is this article trying to teach us?

Additional Guiltiness:

-12-point word size

-Times New Roman font

-Must include a reference page

-Must be submitted via eCampus

PLEASE ask, if you have any questions concerning this assignment. I am here to help.