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For this assignment please respond to maria with 150 words:

Well according to most cases “Renaissance”, was the time for scientific, cultural awakening, and intellectually too. It was mainly based in humanist ideas. It was referred to as the “rebirth”, it became well known mostly because of the art from that time. Being religiously brought up, the painting that caught my attention was, “Lamentation”, by Giotto. The reason is that for one it was created using naturalist styling. It is basically based off what happened after Jesus, was taken off of the cross. When looking at the painting you clearly see the sadness weeping angels, and people holding onto Jesus as if they lost their child. It shows realism and humanism because as we can clearly see the main idea of the painting are these people showing emotions and holding their loved one. It depicts the spiritual and emotional realism.

The second art piece would have to be Leonardo da Vinci, “The Fetus in the Womb”, even though that isn’t the first image of a fetus I have seen, it made me uneasy, however the sketch was spot on. It just reminded me of the time I read, that there was a rumor that Da vinci would use real dead bodies to use so that his sketches had more realism.