?Respiratory Protocol for Epidemic Outbreak During Hajj Presentation

There are 2 parts in this assignment.

—–First one is to answer all of these questions from the attachment: each answer from 1 to 4 lines.

Once chosen a research into the current literature was performed to answer several questions. Below lists the questions which would ultimately influencing the final deliverable.

  • What effect has MERS had on the Hajj?
  • What effect have other diseases had on the Hajj?
  • What are the most effective means of communicating with pilgrims at Hajj?
  • What strengthens messages of risk communication?
  • How can the Ministry of Health assist us?
  • What were feasible methods of communication that could be created?

These questions guided the literature review and aided in the conclusions that shaped the deliverables. What was discovered through the literature review and presented in the discussions was;

  • What infectious disease should be focused on.
  • What symptoms should be looked out for.
  • What were the most effective measures that pilgrims could take that the risk communications program could easily educate them on.
  • What were the mediums of communication that would be most effective at Hajj.
  • What were the persuasive elements that would be used in the communication.

—Second is I need to short and summarize some speaker notes in this PPT. Those are the slides (5,6,7,10,11,14,15,16,18,19,20). I want to read them each slide from 3-to- 5 minutes.