Refugee Crisis in Politically Stable States Project PP Presentation

The Refugee Crisis Project

As a consequence of numerous internal wars across the globe (e.g., Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia), we have been experiencing an influx of refugees entering many economically and politically stable states. Due to the unforeseen number of people seeking asylum to escape political and economic turmoil at home, even the states that are usually most welcoming have begun to consider placing some restrictions on the flow of people. However, it appears that these people have nowhere else to go.

For this assignment, I would like you to produce a poster board presentation or video production that presents the following information.

(1)What is it like to be a refugee? Investigate and find out what led them to the decision of leaving their home county. What kinds of hardship did they experience in escaping the reason(s) for their departure from home? Are they experiencing any hardship even when they are able to settle elsewhere?

(2)What has been done by the international community (or individual state) to address the current refugee crisis? Are these measures sufficient?

(3) What should (could) the international community do to remedy the situation? You may want to consider this question by imagining that you are one of the refugees who is currently experiencing what you have discovered in the question (1) above.