Reflect on The Reckoning Component of The Rising Strong Process

Hi. I have an essay that is due by Monday.

Here are the requirements and I will send you the reading to it.

In this paper, reflect on the Reckoning component of the Rising Strong process as described by Brené Brown in chapter 4. Start by describing how you understand the Reckoning process and then, using 2-3 examples from your own life, describe experiences when you felt as if you had to ignore your emotions. Are any of the ‘off-loading hurt’ strategies you go-to responses in these situations? Do any of the symptoms described by Brown of these ‘off-loading hurt’ strategies resonate with you? Finally, what does this process of reckoning mean to the stories you want to forget, hide, or not own as your own?

Keep in mind how some of the previous readings and exercises we’ve done in class may help you think through these questions.

Use specific detailed langu age to illustrate your stories.

This must be double spaced and 3-4 pages