Read some stories and write a Essay

I upload the requirement and all stories below.

Total length:Minimum of 6 full, double-spaced pages of text (exclusive of bibliography). Longer assignments welcome.

Standard format: Double-spaced; margins: 1 inch all around. Preferred font: Times New Roman 12 point.

Title: Be sure to give our essay a title. Ideally, a title contains information about the content of the paper as well as the argument advanced by you. Structure: No matter what topic you choose to address, please turn your answer into a cohesive essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Outline your argument in the first paragraph and then proceed to illustrate it in the remaining pages.

Topics:Choose ONE and ONLY ONE of the four topics outlined below to create an essay. Formulate an argument and illustrate it with close readings of the stories from our textbooks. You need not answer every sub-question listed below for your chosen topic as long as you can address some salient aspect of the topic.

Number of stories: When you present your essay, use no fewer than three stories to make your case and no more than five. Assume that the reader knows these stories. In other words, it is not necessary to offer detailed plot summaries of the stories that you use to make your case.