Raw And Pasteurized Milk Products Environmental Health Discussion

Getting Started

  1. To start this exercise go to the PMO that was your reading assignment.

What To Submit For The Assignment

Write a response to the following questions based on your review:

  1. What is your initial impression of the requirements related to pasteurized milk?
  2. Again, going back to the issue of raw milk and this product not being under these requirements how safe is it too drink?
  3. What did you find interesting about the entire definitions list?
  4. Was there anything about the list that you did not expect to find?
  5. List a specific definitions you found valuable? For each definition please answer the following questions
    1. Specifically what drew your attention to this item?
    2. What might be the purpose of this definition?
  6. Review definition GG Milk Products.
    1. What did you find in this definition that you did not expect to find
    2. How comprehensive do your believe the definition is?