Rasmussen College Module 6 Test Anxiety Final Work Assignment

Review the feedback you received from your faculty member on your Rough Draft. Revise your paper accordingly and prepare the final draft of your paper.


The complete details for the project are available in Module 01 on the Course Project – Introduction page. Recall that your paper must be 3 pages in length not including title page and reference page. The paper must describe current trends within your topic area and should demonstrate how your topic relates to the broad field of psychology. It should contain a strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 3 different sources. Include both in text citations and a References page in APA format.
Rasmussen’s Library and Learning Services team has developed a variety of Guides to help support students’ academic endeavors. For this project, the Writing Guide and APA Guide may both be helpful. You will find links to these Guides on the Resources tab.