Rasmussen College Module 3 XYZ Healthcare Data Quality Assignment

XYZ Healthcare

CEO: David Bland

Industry: Small Healthcare supplier

The company manufactures and distributes supplies for hospitals in the greater Miami-Dade area in Florida. Your CEO was excited after reading your report about what analytics can do for XYZ Healthcare. Now that you have started down the analytics path, David noticed some errors in one of the reports. He understands that poor data quality can lead to poor or even wrong results. He wants to know how to safeguard against poor data quality.

You will need to find a case study that discusses how data quality has caused problems and then identify how the problems were corrected. Discuss the root cause of the data quality issues, and outline the solution to the poor data quality. Also suggest safeguards to protect against quality problems in future projects.

Please choose 3 articles from the Rasmussen library and use these articles to support your suggestion to the CEO. You may also use the articles used in the other project this week. Just use a minimum of two articles from the library