QLTY621 Total Quality Management – IMS on Employees’ Performance Assignment

write only one part of the project attached description and guidelines. i need only the Literature review (part 3) and discussion and conclusion part (point 6 below)

Structure of the group project

1. Cover page (logo of the university, title and code of the course, title of

your report, your name, student number, date of submission, word count)

2. Introduction (which includes the significance of your topic and why it is

important to be studied, aim(s) of your report)

3. Literature review (definition and theoretical aspects of the topic of your

group assignment.)

4. Research methods (e.g. (i)a brief to the chosen organization in terms of

its background, main customers and its structure.(ii) explain how you

undertake interviews. Your interview questions should be relevant to the

literature review and interview scripts in English should be placed in the


5. Data analysis

6. Discussion and conclusion (Compare your findings with the literature as

to what they should do. Identify and discuss any gaps.)

7. Recommendations (provide some suggestions to the management of the

organization or other relevant organizations)

8. References (cite your references both in the main text and in the list of

references – in accordance with the Harvard Referencing System)