Public Opinion and Political Socialization Questions

Answer each question in paragraph format; be sure to answer the questions in detail by elaborating on the contents of the questions. Some questions have multiple part to them, be sure to effectively articulate your thoughts.

  • What is public opinion, and why is it important?
  • How is opinion best measured, and how do we know these measures are reliable?
  • What are some of the most basic features of American public opinion today?
  • What role George Gallup plays in public opinion in the context of American Politics?
  • How are public opinion formed? To what capacity do the formation of public opinion impact or influence our political values and political outlook?
  • What are the similarities and contracts between public opinion and public policies?
  • Should political leaders allow poll results to influence their decisions? If so why, and if not why not?
  • What political views and party affiliations do you hold? Where did those views and affiliations come from?
  • How influential was your family? Did your family express many political opinions or even discuss their political views?
  • What influence does your peer group have on your opinion? Has that influence changed over time? How?
  • What are your earliest memories of political or national events?
  • What other factors have shaped your political beliefs?