Public Information Officer EMS Assignment

Today, your agency responded to an accident involving an ambulance roll-over. The driver apparently fell asleep during an early morning response, taking two patients to the hospital from a previous auto accident. One of the patients and the attendant in the back of the ambulance were both killed. The driver and one patient are in critical condition. Your emergency medical services (EMS) chief has appointed you to be the public information officer (PIO) for this event and asked you to complete the PIO form.

You will use a location in your area. Determine what resources from your agency and others would respond to an event like this. You will complete the form based on information relevant to your agency. The media is set up in a staging area for your meeting with them. You should fill out the PIO worksheet for your briefing.

You should fill out every area of the PIO form before talking with the media.

Click here to access the PIO form.

No citations or references are required for this assignment.