PSYC 3004 Walden Psychological Disorders Abnormal Behavior Discussion

Discussion: Abnormal Behavior and the Four Ds

One of the first topics that the textbook author addresses in Chapter 1 is how abnormal is defined. In the section entitled “What Is Psychological Abnormality?” Comer identifies “the four Ds” that can be used to identify what is abnormal, as follows: deviance, distress, dysfunction, and danger. In this Discussion, you will apply this framework to a consideration of abnormal behaviors that you have experienced or encountered in your own life.

To prepare for this Discussion: Think about concrete examples of abnormal behavior you have experienced or encountered.

Post a response to the following:

  • In your description, be sure to identify and explain elements that relate to each of “the four Ds.”
  • Explain at least one cultural factor that may have impacted whether the behavior described would be considered abnormal.
  • Discuss two limitations of “the four Ds” in defining abnormal behavior highlighted in your personal experience or encounter. If you do not feel there were limitations per your experience or encounter, explain at least one limitation of “the four Ds” approach to defining abnormality in general.
  • In conclusion, discuss your reaction to the ongoing challenge of settling upon one definition of abnormality.

Assignment: Models of Abnormality

As evidenced in Chapter 2 of the textbook, contemporary thinking about psychological disorders includes a broad variety of models or paradigms. The list of models used in framing psychological disorders includes the following: biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, humanistic-existential, and sociocultural. Each model highlights different factors in the development of abnormal behavior and suggests different avenues for the treatment of psychological disorders. In this week’s Assignment, you will closely examine these models and compare and contrast two of your own choosing.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Examine the textbook chapter on models of abnormality and identify two models you find most intriguing.
  • Review the personal experience or encounter with abnormal behavior you explored in this week’s Discussion.

The Assignment:

In a 2- to 3-page paper, provide a brief description in your own words of each of the two models you chose and discuss why these two models appeal to you.

Using the personal experience or encounter with abnormal behavior you explored in this week’s Discussion, compare and contrast the two models (describe similarities and differences) in terms of how each might explain the development of the abnormal behavior described.

Compare and contrast the approaches to treatment that each model might suggest.