PSY105 CSU Global Theory of Development Personal Abilities Assignment

Consider the development of any special ability/skill you have such as dancing, playing an instrument, or drawing. For this assignment, you are tasked with constructing a theory of development to explain how your skill/ability developed into what it is today. To do this, you must consider the various elements that make the framework for the theory.

  1. State your opinion in response to the following questions. (Support your opinion with the readings.)
    1. What is the role of the organism (active or passive)? That is, were you active in developing this skill (i.e., you sought it out) or were you a passive recipient (i.e., you were simply exposed to it)?
    2. What is the course of development of the skill? To answer this question, determine if the changes in the skill follow a discontinuous (i.e., develops, then stays the same) or continuous (i.e., consistently changing) pattern of improvement. Also, determine if the changes in the skill were qualitative (meaning that they are very different and unrecognizable from the previous levels) or quantitative (meaning that they are gradual additions to previous levels).
    3. What is the determinant of development in this skill? This is the nature/genetics vs. nurture/environment question. That is, did you inherit this ability from your family, or did it form as the result of certain experiences?
    4. Which of the theories introduced in the readings most closely matched your theory? Explain the reasons why you believe that this theory from the readings and your own theory are best suited to describe developmental changes.