Pros and Cons of Sacred Community Discussion

Sacred Communities

In a paragraph, discuss the pros and cons of sacred community (institutionalized religion).

You may draw on your own experience and observation as well as ideas presented in the video lectures.Be sure to address both the pros (strengths) and cons (weaknesses)


In a paragraph, discuss the role of rituals in your own life. Specifically.Identify the kinds of rituals (religious or not) you participate in (or used to) (give some specific examples as well as note the category of ritual it falls into – at least one “rite of passage” and one “calendar” ritual).Discuss the function these rituals play in your life

Insider vs Outsider

In a paragraph (at least 200 words), respond to both prompts:When it comes to religion, are you an “insider” (a committed believer) or an “outsider”?How might your position affect your study of religion positively (strengths) and negatively (weaknesses)?