Pros and Cons of Obtaining a College Degree Research Proposal

I need help with writing a research proposal. I need two chapters. The first chapter will be the introduction. To include: an introduction paragraph, statement of the problem, significance of the study (why it is important), limitations and delimitations, explanation of how the study is organized, and a concluding paragraph. The second chapter will the the literature review (which will be provided to you and include the information needed to complete chapter 1 and 3). Chapter 3 will be the research methodology. To include: an introduction to the chapter, the research design (quantitative, qualitative, or both), an explanation of controlling threats to validity and establishing credibility or the research. The idea is that you use both research designs, by interviewing random people to determine if college is actually worth it (which is the research topic). I need approximately 5 pages of this information. Remember, the literature review will be provided to you as a reference to the information that I need from you.