Prokofiev’s Fifth Symphony Concert Essay

I am suppose to write an essay about a concert review (Prokofiev’s fifth symphony), that took place April 13, at the Detroit symphony orchestra and the conductor’s name Ludovic Morlot and those are the requirement:

A Student’s Guide to Writing a Concert Review

The following is an outline of information and writing style that is usually part of a standard concert review:

1. Basic Information
Who, What, Where, and When (and Why, if applicable). Who was performing? What was the event, and (especially) What were the performing media? When and Where was the event held? Why was the event held (any special reason)?

All this information should be contained within the first paragraph.

2. Critical Narrative
The review should deal with aspects of the concert that are considered most important or striking. Be sure always to concentrate on musical matters, although brief discussions of other aspects of the concert may be included. In the process, talk about the works performed, how they were presented, how well the performers presented the music, and what made the performances effective or ineffective.

Employ the concepts and vocabulary you have learned in this class. The use of first-person narrative is fine (i.e. I, me, my). When writing about events that occurred at the concert, use the past tense. (Example: “Although the trombonist was quite good, I thought that she was far too loud to blend well with the others in her section.”)

But when writing about a particular musical composition, use the present tense. (Example: “In Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, the fourth movement seems to serve as a triumphal conclusion to the struggle of the preceding three movements”)

Finally, be objective! Comparisons of pieces and performers should be avoided unless it is to make an argument regarding a salient point of your review. Reviews are most effective when they are honest and show that you seriously engaged the music and performance.

This section should contain 3 or more paragraphs.

3. Conclusion
Sum up the concert in your option, good, bad, or otherwise. Your closing statement should reflect the content of the previous paragraphs. Saying it was a great concert after listing 3 paragraphs of problems is not a representative closing statement.

4. Length
Review must have an introduction, sufficient supporting material/content and a concluding paragraph. The reader should be able to experience the concert through the writing.