project report


Here are some good ideas that you can use or adapt:

  • A business venture. (My major is media and culture, and my co-major is art management. You can image to start a business based on my major.)
  • A risk- or cost-analysis of starting an urban garden.
  • a guide for studying abroad in US.
  • synthesizing information on the multifaceted problem of childhood obesity to recommend policy at schools.
  • Procrastination and procrastination solutions.


As a class, we have covered key concepts such as audience, organizational logic, graphics, and genre conventions of technical writing. In this final module, you will have the opportunity to draw from your developing technical writing repertoire to design a project demonstrating the approaches and concepts we have already covered in this class.

There are two overarching concepts that you want to keep in mind as you develop this project. To me, technical writing can address one or both of these approaches:

Translating technical/specialized writing for a more general audience.

  • Purpose: Communicate specialized/technical instructions and concepts to an uninformed group, typically as a way to inform a broader population.

Examples include: installing a furnace; conveying procedures to a different department/discipline; revising mortgage forms for a general audience and better public accessibility; lab techniques for a new instrument.

Or, synthesizing broader amounts of information/knowledge for a specific, technical context.

  • Purpose: Bring together and communicate broad/general information for use in a specific context and for a specific purpose.

Examples include: researching on the urban garden movement to report on how to start one in a specific, local area; synthesizing information on the multifaceted problem of childhood obesity to recommend policy at schools; creating public service announcements for dangerous scenarios, such as tornadoes; a budget proposal for a new business or school district.

Assignment Parameters

The report genre/type is based on the topic and purpose of your report — please see samples on the Module homepage for ideas for how to best connect your topic and the report genre. A budget proposal, for instance, will not have the same layout or sections as an informative website.

The report should incorporate the following components:

  • Be between 10 to 15 pages long (or equivalent work).
  • Incorporates credible and various kinds of research (at least 6 sources); this can include your own research such as a poll or a usability test.
  • Follows clear conventions of the genre, such as an Executive Summary, professional tone/voice, and organized information.
  • Have relevant graphics in the form of images, screenshots, photographs, tables, etc.
  • Follows a consistent and helpful documentation style.
  • Presents a clear purpose that is well-connected to the other composing choices made for the project.
  • Provides context, information, arguments, and support in ways that are useful to a specific audience.
  • Presents writing that is free of error, well-organized, and comprehensible by the intended target audience.