Project Recap Writing Assignment

Answer the following question depend on the upload file and if some detail you need to use is not include in the file plz make up it. In the upload file one is called Project question assignment this is the background of what project question we did and how we assignment. one is called HP FINAL, In this file, it has final draft about this project. And the last file is called recap example. It is example of this Project recap. The Project recap are below:

Question 1Explain what has been completed in the project so far.

Question 2Who has completed / not completed what area? Discuss what each person has worked on, where they are with the project, how they are using the group to help them through their sections. Additionally, discuss how the group is ensuring they offer input on these sections as well as understand and know the content of areas outside their assigned sections.

Question 3How are you personally handling sections that are not yet completed for your section? For other members sections? What steps are being taken to ensure those areas will be completed on time?

Question 4To date, what has worked well within your group?

Question 5To date, what has not worked within your group? What have you done to correct this and get the team together to succeed. (Ie: individual performance, communication issues etc…)

Questions 6If you could change anything within the group or the groups approach to the project, what would it be and why? How would you communicate this to the group?