Product / Service and Process Design and Work and Job Design total about 600 words (APA references)

Answer one page (250 words -300 words each) for these Two question only. My topic is about Bee Force energy drink.

I will send the parts I have done to the confirmed tutor to link up the topic.

  • Product / Service and Process Design:
  • Work and Job Design:

Below are the full project detail

Before beginning the group project, review the Group Project Overview.

By the end of this unit as a group, your group must provide a detailed answer and justification to each of the following questions:

  • Product or service: what product or service has the team has chosen?
  • Market and customer: what is the estimated size of the market/customer base for your product/service market and what are the customer drivers (order winning and qualifying factors)?
  • Process Type: what type of manufacturing or service process do you consider most appropriate?
  • Layout Type: what type of layout do you consider most appropriate?
  • Facility Location: what location do you consider adequate for the facilities where the product or service is performed?
  • Process Technology: what process technologies do you consider adequate for your product/service?
  • Product / Service and Process Design: what elements of the design process do you think are more relevant given your product/service?
  • Work and Job Design: what elements do you consider important to the design of the job and work required to manufacture your product or offer your service?

See chapters 3 and 10 in the Operations Strategy text for reference purposes. Talk to the instructor if you have questions.

One person from your group will post these answers to the Group Submission Area – Unit 2.