Problems Spotify Face Paper

some analyses are problematic. For example, you consider the bargaining power of suppliers is “low” for Spotify. This may not be the case. Please find out who are Spotify’s major suppliers and gauge their bargaining power over Spotify.

Please do careful research to find out what are the most pressing challenges for Spotify.

You need to use another Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas figure to help Spotify to find a blue Ocean.

You also need to provide three concrete strategies in this section.

Section IV: Business Proposal(This is the requirement for this section)

1. What are the firm’s main problems?

External environment

Threat of substitutes

Paradigm shift

Bargaining power of suppliers

Or others

Internal operations

Business models




Or others

2. Use Blue Ocean Strategy canvas to propose an ideal value curve relative to competitors.

3. Provide three concrete strategies to help the firm to survive and thrive.

Use data to support your proposed strategies.