Primary Skills of an Emergency Manager


Each has a specific and important function. From there, create an incident and choose one of the general staff members that would be involved.

  • Define exactly what his or her responsibility would be in your incident.
  • Explain why you chose this general staff member.
  • Describe how he or she interacts with the rest of the general staff.
  • Determine how he or she would grow the section and add on support members.
  • Discuss what those support members would do. You can choose any section.


There can be federal stakeholders, too, such as FEMA or politicians. In each disaster there will be potential conflicts between these different stakeholders. The emergency manager must work with these different stakeholders and have a plan to deal with the potential conflicts in advance.

For your main post:

  • Articulate the primary skills an emergency manager needs to coordinate and integrate the inter-agency, inter-jurisdictional, and public and private services required in an emergency management organization.
  • Identify who the emergency manager is for your city or county.
  • Discuss his or her job description and background.
  • Determine where the emergency manager came from and what he or she does on the job every day.


For your main post, discuss an approach an emergency management manager might take to manage the problems that involve different organizations working together. Emergency managers must get everyone to work together using the tools that they have available and they must have a plan to get this done.

In your discussion, identify the different emergency management organizations in your area.

  • Explain what each emergency management organization does.
  • Discuss what your emergency manager does to get the organizations to work together.
    • If you do not have an emergency manager, describe how the organizations interact without one.
  • Identify any problems and successes that have occurred.
    • What can we learn from that?
    • Were there any changes?