I will provide all 5 weeks of the benchmark assignments. You do not need to do the audio portion I will take care of that

If selected, student will upload an 8 – 10 minute visual presentation through

Blackboard by the end of Week 15. Presentation should be a summation of the

entire project. Include lessons learned about each of the main areas addressed

above. Lastly, full points will be awarded for audio in combination with the visual


o Presentation can be completed in a variety of formats, including: Powerpoint,

Jing, TechSmith, Prezi, Screen Cast-O-Matic, Cougar WebEx, etc.

  • Writing a research report
  • Creating a website or blog with all relevant information included
  • Any other format that is agreed upon by student and instructor
  • The presentation purpose is to 1) summarize the key findings for each of the 5

    benchmarks and 2) concluding with key insights/lessons you learned about the industry

    and companies you researched.

    Grading rubric outlined on following page and a satisfactory grade includes

    incorporating any feedback re: missing elements from the earlier benchmark


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    Business Ethics Project Presentation Rubric 80 points

    Part 1: History, Comparison, Bibliography? (10-pts)

    Part 2: Culture, Leadership, CSR (10-pts)

    Part 3: Ethics in Workplace (Employee Relationships) (10-pts.)

    Part 4: Marketing. (Ethical Dilemma) (10-pts)

    Part 5: Sustainability issues. (Ethical Dilemma) (10-pts)

    Lessons learned from experience (20-pts.)

    Presentation: Spelling, grammar, MLA format. (10-pts.)