Poverty & Affordable Housing in Texas Summary

“Poverty & Affordable Housing in Texas”

For this summary-response paper you will investigate poverty and the availability of affordable housing in the state of Texas and programs aimed at reducing the extent to which it occurs.

First, for an overview of the problem, download and read
Texas Poverty 101.”

Second, visit the
Housing Crisis Center of Dallas, which will describe their efforts to combat homelessness in the metroplex. Next, go the web page
Out of Reach and click on “About Out of Reach” which will outline what is necessary to find affordable housing in Collin County. Then, examine the map of the U.S. on this page which indicates what “hourly wage” is needed to afford a two-bedroom apartment in each of the states (notice the differences). Input your zip code (bottom of the page) to see how things are where you live. Last, download the full report – the tab is above and to the left of the map – read the preface and introduction, and look at data for Texas and, specifically, Collin County.

Write a brief summary of what you have learned and discuss various steps that might be taken to reduce the extent to which the problem of poverty and affordable housing exists in Texas.

the paper should be 750 words.