Police Core List Paper

Note: Material to determine answers


1. In addition to the core practices on your list, think about other expectations society has for police officers. List at least 2 societal expectations of the police and of police practice that were not on your core list of practices? Explain why you feel these are additional expectations of police?

2.In the Discussion thread 2.2 Civil and Criminal Law, start by creating a working definition for civil law and criminal law. Then, address the following: identify at least three distinctions between civil and criminal laws and discuss how these distinctions might impact one or more of the core police practices identified in Activity 2.1.

3.Review your updated list of core practices and match each practice to the Constitutional Amendment that provides a legal foundation for the practice. Then, provide a rationale statement for why you believe the practice is ‘legal’. Supporting it with factual material is always suggested

4.Answer the following question regarding the case: In your opinion, were the plaintiffs Constitutional rights violated when she was placed in handcuffs during the search of the house she occupied? Why or Why not? Was the length of time she was detained unreasonable. Why or why not. Provide a factually based response.

Post your position to either the “plaintiffs Constitutional rights were violated” thread or the “plaintiffs Constitutional rights were not violated” thread.