Please write me an astronomy essay

“The NASA Astronomy Picture of the day (APOD) is a website that has thousands and thousands of neat images and videos going back many, many years. Your task is simple, pick one you like, research it and write a short paper to tell the rest of us about it. Once you write the paper, post it in the forum for discussion. Please be sure to include the image in your paper. If it is a video, provide the link.

The paper is informal and you can use any format you like, however please be sure to have a works cited section at the end. The preferable format is that you write your paper in word or similar and attach it as a document. I will post a sample paper or two from the last course.

NASA APOD website:

That is the all requirement for this essay. It needs two pages and I will post rubric and examples. Then you can just follow it