please answer these question!

1: A friend of yours, Vince, is having financial troubles. Vince is married with two children and had a high paying job as a professional athlete but is retired and has not found steady employment in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. He owns a house worth $200,000.00, he has $100,000.00 in equity in the home and he has fallen behind $20,000.00 on his mortgage payments. He also owns a 2015 Toyota Highlander valued at $20,000.00 in which he has $10,000.00 in equity and is $2,500.00 behind in payments on the vehicle. Vince does not own any other property of value exceeding the bankruptcy exemptions in Ohio. Vince meets with an attorney who tells him that both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are options for him going forward. Vince tells you he is confused and asks you to explain his options in greater detail.

2: Jen accepted an invitation from her brother Adam to attend a baseball game. The seats Adam had from his company were very good and in the second row up from the field, and just past first base. Jen was not a sports fan and knew nothing about baseball. During the game, a player, Francisco Lindor, hit a ground ball toward third base. The third baseman, Hunter Dozier fielded the ball and threw to the first baseman, Lucas Duda. Lindor thought he was “safe,” but the first base umpire, C.B. Bucknor called him “out.” Lindor began to argue with the umpire, and in frustration, Lindor threw his batting helmet to the ground. The helmet, made of a strong, hard plastic material, bounced on the ground and flew into the stands, striking Jen on the side of the head, causing a serious injury. Jen never saw the helmet coming towards her because she was looking around the stadium at the time rather than at the play on the field. As she was unfamiliar with the game of baseball, she did not know that objects occasionally fly into the stands during a baseball game. What arguments would Jen make in support of a claim of negligence, what defense(s) can reasonably be asserted, and who is likely to prevail in a lawsuit filed by Jen against Francisco Lindor? Discuss