Philippians 2 1 to 18 and Pauls Hymn about Jesus Self Emptying Paper

scripture passage: Philippians 2:1-18 Paul recites a hymn about Jesus’ “self-emptying.”

1.Origins: As far as we know, who was the author of this text? When was it written? For what purpose was it written, and what do we know about the social situation the author was writing in?

2.Sources: As far as we know, did this passage originate from sources older than the present book in which it is found? What do we know about the editing process that led this passage to be included in the book in which it is found, in the place where it is found?

3.Insights: Based on your research, what are some insights that biblical criticism provides into the meaning or significance of this passage? These insights can be gained from the close study of the words of the passage, a study of its form or genre, research into the social and historical context of the passage, etc. (This section should take up the majority of the paper)