PHI309 Post Darwinian Theories and Marx Notion of Alienation Paper

Choose One of the two folwing subjects and write two pages about it.

1) Develop and then critically evaluate Marx’ notion of “alienation.” First, trace the concept through several

of the passages addressing the subject –focus primarily on passages in

the Reader.

Secondly, develop your

understanding of these passages into a cohesive picture of what you think Marx meant by alienation. Finally,

critically respond to one or more of the kinds of alienation Marx presented. Do you see any of these forms of

alienation today? If so, give some examples. Provide textual citations to support your remarks.

2) Choose any one of the Post-Darwinian Theories that interests you. Present and explain the background

claims, diagnostic, and prescriptive claims of the theory, and then critique one or more aspects of the theory.

Provide textual citations to support your remarks.