Patterns of Behavior of Early Adapters vs Followers Written Assignment

  • Discussion 1
  • Evaluate the patterns of behavior of early adapters versus followers. Determine the pattern of behavior that leads to a competitive advantage. Justify your response.
  • Give your opinion as to whether “Heat Seekers” and “Followers” could coexist within the same organization. State the negatives and positives associated with both patterns of behavior.
  • Post two times for full credit.
  • Use an SWS or APA Reference

Discussion 2

  • Getting to know the industry in which a company operates is a critical factor for leveraging information systems and gaining a competitive advantage. Speculate as to how information systems can be leveraged in a particular industry. Analyze how time of entry, industry trends, corporate culture, and other factors affect competitive advantage. Explain your answer.
  • Evaluate the competitive applications of technology. List and describe three applications and how these can be applied to the information systems industry.
  • Post two times for full credit.
  • Use an SWS or APA Resource.