Parent involvement in Children Education Key Assestment

This paper is about families and community’s involvement in children’s learning and education. Its about how family and community engagement in children’s education is important.


  • Provides arguments for why families are children’s primary teachers and why it is so important for educators to collaborate with families to involve them in children’s learning at home, at school and in the community
  • Then, come up with 4 activities or learning experience:

Explain each of the 4 practices in detail, followed by a reflection of each one that draws upon the literature.

  • Two new ways of involving families in children’s learning at home
  • Two new ways of involving families in children’s learning at school

For two activities for school:

-Come up with activities that will allow parent to be involve with their children education…such as to volunteer or chaperons.

-Write reflection for each game or activity that you come up with to get family involve in school or classroom then explain why it is important.

For two activities for home:

-Come up with activities or games for Autism children that parent can play with their children at home in detailed.

-Also write reflection for each activity that you come up with and explain why it is important for family to play with their children

Please keep all the activities and game simple.

I also attached SAMPLE PAPER so that you get some idea. Please do not copy anything from internet or sample paper.