Ozarks Technical Internal Unsolicited Proposal in Memo Format Assignment

Part one: identify a problem (brainstorming)

In two or three paragraphs, identify and document a problem (in services, safety, ecology, communication, traffic, scheduling) that you see in your office or your community. Make sure you give your reader—a civic official or an employer—specific evidence that a problem does exist and that it needs to be corrected. The brainstorming paragraphs can be placed in a separate document or can be included in a page before the memo.

Part two: write an internal unsolicited proposal in memo format

View the Chapter 13 Sample Document – An Internal Unsolicited Proposal in Memo Format, and use this document as a sample for your own proposal for the problem you identified in part one. Use similar headings in your own proposal. You must include at least one table or graph and at least one relevant image.