OWAS Unique Posture Assessment Tool Assignment

hello there,

The instructions for the ergonomics field exercise are as follows:

Purpose- to become familiar with an ergonomic assessment tool through hand-on practice.

Tool – OWAS posture assessment tool

Assignment – identify and capture an image of 10 unique postures, with the goal of having an even distribution of action categories (1-4).

– images can be a screenshot from the web, but please include a URL

You will determine the individual scores (back, arms, legs, and use of force) for each of the 10 unique postures, as well as the composite score (i.e., the action category).

Based on the action category for each posture, describe in 2-3 sentences what you would advise the worker to do different and/or what corrective solution you would employ to limit the risk of long term health effects.

Create the document in word or powerpoint and then save the final version as a PDF.