Organizational Purchasing: Swisher Systems Case Analysis

Case #25- Swisher Systems

Read and analyze the case and answer these questions:

1. What are the responsibilities of an effective purchasing department? Using the case data evaluate the Bill Simpson complaint. How can the internal issues between Bill Simpson and Mr. Watson be resolved?

2. Evaluate the purchasing process at Swisher. What are your suggestions for improvement?

3. Evaluate the current inventory control system at Swisher. How are order quantities determined? What changes do you recommend?

4. Discuss the concept of supplier relationship building at Swisher. Provide pros and cons to the current system. Please make sure that you fully answer these questions. You may use the book and other sources to help you with the answers but you must cite your sources. Please make sure that you check spelling and grammar in Word or Blackboard’s Grammarly application before you submit the case.

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