Open Flights Inc Performance Gap: Reduction on Number of Clients in 2018 Writing Objectives

Watch the ASU Objectives Builder tutorial

again, and write objectives for your W/CBT Module Assignment (Performance Gap: Reduction on the number of clients in 2018 as compared to 2017) (OpenFlights Inc.) using the Objectives Builder Learning Objectives Worksheet, worksheet is attached below. Read the pdf file it does have examples and it shows how the first assignment was produced and what was written the first time and the professor said it was written wrong.

What the Professor said was wrong with the last 3.2 – W/CBT Module Assignment 4: Writing Objective:

I‘m not sure you submitted the correct assignment. Activity 3.2 asked for the list of objectives supporting your W/CBT. Learning objectives are discrete statements about the skills and competencies students will be able to hone at the end of the learning experience. For instance, “Develop corporate initiatives” or “Apply time management practices.”

The assignment you submitted appears to go beyond what the assignment asked.

If you need clarification about the assignment instructions or about the process of developing learning objectives? If so, please let me know I will ask the professor.